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Meet Domonique  

Building an engaged and inclusive community 

Domonique is a passionate and dedicated community leader who deeply understands the needs of Gwinnett County Public Schools. She has a proven track record of success in her work with families, children, and youth, and she is committed to ensuring that all students have access to a high-quality education.


Domonique's experience with the Social Security Administration and her entrepreneurial endeavors have given her the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective school board member. She is a strong advocate for parent involvement and she is committed to working with parents, teachers, and administrators to improve the quality of education in Gwinnett County. Domonique has been an active PTA member and PTA leader for sixteen years. Her PTA involvement includes being a room representative, lead school room representative, local school president, local school co-president, council co-president, and district nominating committee chair.


Domonique is a positive and inspiring leader who is committed to making a difference in the lives of students of varying abilities. 


Peers and leaders have praised Domonique's passion, dedication, and leadership. She is known for her articulation, professionalism, authentic nature, compassion, relatability, resilience, care of students, detailed communication, quick response time, inspirational conversation, hard work, and genuine desire for greatness. 


Her organizational leadership, professional development, community connections, diligence, and resourcefulness have aided her success in all endeavors. She seeks transparency, viable solutions, and positivity in all that she does. 


As a school board member, Domonique would be an engaging advocate and champion for parent involvement.


Her relatability, connection, experience, knowledge, and passion for making a real difference in the lives of students and their families are of enormous importance to her. 


Vote for Domonique, for District 3 GCPS School board. She guarantees; energy, enthusiasm, dedication, involvement, passion, engagement, advocacy, equality, communication, and empowerment for all families and stakeholders.

 Domonique's Education



Notre Dame of Maryland University

Bachelor's of Art Criminology and Social Deviance

Minor in Forensic Psychology



Capella University 

Master of Science in Human Services, Social and Community Services


Education Certificate:

Harvard University

School Leaders of Color Organizational Development Collaborative 

Domonique Cooper


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