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Campaign Priorities

Student Achievement:

Students of all abilities are an important part of GCPS.  It's important for everyone to be included in discussions centered around offerings and access. Students requiring interventions, academic support, gifted services, and accomodations are an important part of our community from K - 12th grade. With proactive solutions, we can support our students and help to create options for our diverse student population. 


Mental Health & Wellness:
The wellness of all students and staff are a priority. Our students and staff can function at high levels when they have support for mental wellness. Their mental wellness is a direct correlation to their performance and purpose within GCPS. 

School Safety:

Students and staff deserve to be safe and secure when engaging as a student or an employee in our school buildings and facilities. It's our duty to provide reasonable security and secure facilities to everyone.

Teacher and Pupil


It's evident that the engagement of our families, parents, and stakeholders are top priority. There are a variety of positive outcomes that result when we engage the community. Attendance, behavior, collaboration, and student achievement are all factors of engagement with our community and families.

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